🌟Client Win🌟

Benny came to me 4 weeks ago and signed up to the 8 weeks strength programme.

Goals were to:Increase maximal strength✅l

earn about the gym and planning✅

Increase overall wellness✅

Put on some lean muscle mass✅

Going onto his 5th week of training this week we have increased his deadlift by 32%, put on some lean muscle tissue, and drastically improved the planning aspect of his training which before was just sporadic.

Here Brendan lifts a back off rep of 80kg after pulling a record 82.5kg in the conventional deadlift, 4 weeks after starting my strength programme. After we worked on the Anderson squat. A squat variation to improve his deadlift going by the weak point of the max effort lift. This is just one exercise of many we will use to improve maximal strength.This is fantastic progress and who knows where he can go. With his work ethic, character and willingness to learn and get better the ceiling to progress is endless.A pleasure to coach 👏

If you want to increase strength and put on some lean muscle mass I have some spots available both 1 on 1 and online for my elite level strength programme. 🙋You will learn the methods I use which you can adapt well after my programme.

Discover your potential.🌟Book a call with me through the personal training page of my website. 🌟

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