🌟Client win🌟

🌟Client win🌟

Another client just finished the 12 week course here.

@johnny__gorman came in to get back to himself following the covid restrictions and lack of movement and motivation from inactivity.

A great character and solid consistant worker. Even on his holidays I get feedback of workouts completed, followed eating plan, and he implemented everything I told him to straight away. 👍

There is no secret sauce, just stay at it. Stay the course and trust the system. 📈

Johnny done this brilliantly. 👍

In 12 weeks he lost 18lbs learned loads about gym work and most importantly, HE GOT THE RESULT HE BELIEVED HE COULD GET.

Here’s to further progress and God knows where we can go with his training.

Huge well done.

Like I have said in other posts, this is very common in the gym but you must implement and be consistent with good communication.

If something in this resonates with you and you would like to go on a transformation of:

Increase in strength✅️
Increase in power✅️
Improve body composition✅️
Improve wellness and energy✅️

Then reply to this post with the word “transformation” and we can discuss getting started and setting your own plan in place.🤘

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