🌟Goal Setting and motivation🌟

First of all, it is important to note that it is nearly impossible to motivate someone if they are not motivated themselves. In my experience and from my point of view, I have never directly motivated someone. If your own goals do not motivate you then they are quite simply, not goals, they are dreams and wishes. Some people come into the gym with massive amounts of motivation and others come in with lower amounts and as a coach it is my responsibility to provide a motivating environment and structure a plan with small attainable goals that go towards the athletes/clients “goals and wishes”. One of the biggest take away I got from my degree was the importance of psychology and managing people and becoming a good listener.

🌟No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.🌟

Right now, with this pandemic lifting people want you to listen a lot closer due to the lack of human interaction. People might not even know that themselves, they are sick of home workouts. Why? Because there was nearly no end point, and people were just going through the motions. To stay motivated, people need small attainable goals and feedback on how they are progressing. This was very hard for some in the last two years.

Now it also must be understood that creating an environment where people know the plan is massively important to help others find or increase their motivation. But motivation and goal setting go hand in hand. Its up to a professional to structure the road to them goals which in turn keep the client motivated.

One of my instructors in college used to always tell me:

🌟 “To get from here to Donegal you only need to see a few metres in front of you”.🌟


What did he mean by this? Don’t get hung up on the big picture, break the big journey into smaller attainable journeys to reach the final destination.


What I like to add to that with my members is, “FIND ANOTHER DESTINATION once you get there, KEEP THE BALL ROLLING.

🌟In a more fitness-based view:

  1. Set a big goal
  2. Seek a professional that will help you reach that goal by breaking down into years, months, weeks, and days
  3. Once you get there instil different lifestyle habits that alloy that person to set another goal.


Outside of goals and motivation you WILL require consistency and effort. People with high amounts of motivation need guidance and, in my experience, will trust coaches sooner. But you have to be careful to not guide them in the wrong direction to the wrong destination. Like any relationship, trust is based on listening, caring, and helping each other. People that complain about results they didn’t get by work they didn’t do are generally not giving back and this can be the start of a downward spiral in the relationship between coach and athlete/client. Why? Because this is the start of the blame game because someone is not consistent enough or makes excuses.

By having clear goals, you become aware of precisely what you want to achieve and how to go about doing it. You are able to assess and measure your ability to accomplish the goals and most importantly, you have a plan that can guide you along the way and keep you on track more accurately.

🌟goals + commitment = dreams come true🌟

Add commitment and determination to your goals and you will find that you are willing to take continuous and consistent action toward making your dreams a reality, despite any obstacles in your path, including difficult times.

Having goals and staying committed to them will keep your focus on the things that you have identified as essential to reaching your desired outcomes.  Too often, we expend precious time on issues that have nothing to do with what we really want in our lives. We get distracted by focusing on what others are doing and achieving and striving to do the same.

Having a vision and a supporting plan of what you want to achieve in life is necessary if you ever want to arrive at the correct destination.

🌟Things to think about and consider with goal setting:

  1. Visualize the goal or the change you want to see and write it down

  2. Make a note of something that you think about daily that is worth doing

  3. Seek the help of a person that can plan a route to your goal, and find a gym with a positive atmosphere with productive people that are goal driven

  4. Build trust with a coach, remember this is a two-way system, don’t not follow a plan and blame or make excuses, THIS IS NOT GOOD AND TO BE HONEST YOU JUST COME OFF LOOKING STUPID.

  5. Stay consistent and trust the process.

  6. Reinforce the fact that the small goals lead you to your destination

  7. Don’t think that someone standing over you counting and shouting is motivating. Reinforcing what and why you are doing something is far more productive.

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