🌟New Clients🌟

Looking for 5 females to go on a 90 day transformation of loosing 10lbs of body fat and increasing strength.

If any of the below relates to you then text me with “I’m in”

You want to tone up and feel great ✅️

You want to learn how to keep it off after you have reached your target ✅️

You have no guidance and seem stuck in a rut ✅️

You have a great work ethic and are will to make a change and do what is asked✅️

You lack accountability and want to be coached and guided through the whole process✅️

You are willing to get going and start the change now. Leaving goals on the back burner is probably why nothing has worked.✅️

After this programme you will feel great, have more confidence and know how to incorporate training and better nutritional habits into your life.

This course is highly educational. It’s not me standing there counting reps, it’s designed for you to become accountable to yourself and get an invested interest in your goals which end up being far more sustainable. After 90 days I guarantee you will have lost weight and became MUCH stronger.📈👍

Let’s start now!!!!!!! 🤘🙋‍♂️

📢Email with the words “I’m in” to mackelitejmc@gmail.com go over the details if you are interested in working with me.

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