Gym Rules


  1. Clients that cancel a booking 12 hours or more before a session starts will automatically receive a refunded session to the package or membership used. Cancellations after this time will not receive a refund.
  2. If you are ten minutes late for a confirmed personal training session and no notice is given that you will be late that spot will then be gone, that does not apply to classes.
  3. Clients that paid for a package or membership will be given 1st preference of time slots over pay as you go clients
  4. Youth training memberships are for persons aged 8 to 16.
  5. A Student that would like to make use of student discounts must provide proof of college ID.
  6. Freezing memberships will only be done when notice is given for health related or work-related issues.
  7. Every Bank Holiday Mondays the gym will be closed unless stated otherwise.
  8. If for some reason an instructor has to cancel a personal training session, then that training slot will be refunded, or another personal trainer will carry out the session. If a Personal training client has to cancel a session, it will then be rebooked at a different date in that week, but this may not always be possible.
  9. No liability will be taken if your goods are stolen or lost from the gym. If you do not need a phone or wallet in the gym leave it in a safe place in your car.
  10. When dealing with other members or staff in the gym please be respectful as bullying of any kind will not be tolerated in this facility on any level, and you will be told to leave, and membership terminated.
  11. Tidy and clean down all equipment as you use it.
  12. Do not use outside footwear on the martial arts mats. Wrestling shoes are allowed but normal shoes and runners are not allowed on the mats.
  13. For martial arts training, make sure nails are trimmed and that you have washed yourself and have no body odour. The dress code for martial arts is either shorts and t-shirt, a Gi, or Rash-guard and shorts.
  14. Any items left in the gym such as water bottles or clothing will be donated to a local charity shop if not collected in a month.