Membership Classes – Starting Monday 12th July

Membership classes are ideal for the person who really enjoys the gym’s social aspect and loves being around others while training. Classes held here will include bodyweight classes, strength development, power development, aerobic and core.

Membership classes also reinforce the importance of having training partners and people that can help you in a training session. This is a huge factor in staying accountable and also progressing in the gym.

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Membership Classes We Offer:

Membership Classes are designed to provide our members everything they need to achieve their fitness, weight loss, strength development, and body shaping goals.

bodyweight classes

Bodyweight Class

These membership classes are for those who like to gain more control over their movements and also gain some fitness in the process. Bodyweight training can be used to increase muscle mass get leaner or improve cardiovascular fitness with less stress on the Central Nervous System (CNS).

Strength Development Class

The strength development class can be used to increase a person’s maximal strength in the classic lifts, squat, bench press, and deadlift. This can be massively important for athletes in the pre-season to put a base down of strength to aid in power development and speed and agility for in-season and sport-specific preparation for any sport. Increasing maximal strength plays a vital role in preventing injuries such as high-speed running and injuries in contact sports. Strength training also stimulates the CNS, which increases the coordination and firing of the neuromuscular system.
strength development
power development

Power Development Class

Power development class Is used to give people the knowledge and know how to absorb and produce forces that are important for everyone, but especially important for athletes. Power development classes will help you jump higher/further and run faster. Integrated into these classes will be the ability to change direction (agility) and produce force in another direction which again is vital for sports. Knowing how to change direction and produce can limit injuries. Power development training also stimulates the CNS, which increases the coordination and firing of the neuromuscular system.

Aerobic And Core Classes

Aerobic and core class focuses on the importance of developing the aerobic energy system and how to build it. The core also plays a role in the ability to move better and transfer forces in a core class. The core can be built in many ways through isometrics, carries, anti-flexion, anti-rotation, and rotational movements.
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