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The 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge or Your Money Back

We are looking for 10 males that want to lose 20lbs of body fat in 90 days and boost confidence.  You will be guided throughout  the program by John McCormack BSc  Sports Strength and Conditioning who has already helped dozens of people just like you to reach your goals and lose that weight.  This is a limited offer for the first 10 people only.

Limited Offer for First 10 Sign Ups. Are You Up for it? 

John is looking for 10 males to challenge for a 90 days weight-loss program. John only takes 10 people at a time so that way he can guarantee results. If you’re up for it, message John with the “I’m in” code.

Lose 20lbs Of Body Fat In Just 90 Days – Guaranteed

Looking for 10 males that want to lose 20lbs of body fat in 90 days and boost confidence. If you are currently in the gym and lost on what to do, or how to reach your goals, then this post should have crabbed your attention.

This is for you if:

  • You are lost on how to train correctly or have stagnated
  • You have no guidance
  • Just sick and tired of not getting results
  • You have a great work ethic and are willing to do what is asked of you
  • You want life changing results
  • You feel you have lost confidence
  • You can hit the floor running and start on the 23rd/08/2021
  • Private message me with “I’m in” and we can go through the details.

Colin’s Story

” I Lost 30kgs In Under 7 Months “

In seven months, I lost 30Kgs. Regarding the diet, beforehand, I was not eating in an informed manner and the meal plan actually meant I would be eating considerably more, but of the right foods to keep my diet balanced and varied. Once these adjustments were made, the weight began to disappear at a steady and sustainable rate. Beforehand I was struggling with energy, often falling asleep on the couch and not being in a good mood. The change in diet has also led to a drastic increase in my energy levels, along with my mood and confidence improving significantly.

Benefits of Joining JMC Elite’s Weight-loss Program

Join John McCormack BSc for the 90 challenge to start a new you. Weekly check ins. Customised nutritional and life style changes, bespoke training programs all scientifically measured for guaranteed results.

Weight Loss Ireland

We Set Goals

Our commitment is to maximise your time efficiency, optimise your health and deliver a quantifiable return on your investment.

Weight Loss

We Count Your Calorie Intake

We can provide nutritional advice and access  to our fully qualified dietitian Caoimhe Kenny . Caoimhe  has experience  and advised  the Kilkenny senior hurlers.

Weight Loss

Create Custom Workout

When you join JMC Elite, your training is consistently measured and monitored using the most up-to-date scientific research.

Our Commitment To You

90 Day Weight Loss Program

We are completely committed to each and everyone of our clients and members. We will help you every step of the way . All you need is your committment and willingness ro get the results you are after.