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I am opening 5 online coaching positions to experienced gym goers that want to improve explosive strength and maximal strength.
This would be ideal suited to people/athletes that have experience in the gym as far as lifting technique and know how to use gym machines but lack:
Guidance ✅️
Online coaching is a cheaper and more remote way of learning compared to in person training.
Stipulations for application:
Willing to learn✅️
Experienced in the main lifts, (squat, bench , deadlift) if you have videos of them even better.✅️
Enjoy the gym but feel you have hit a wall with progress✅️
Want to get stronger and put on muscle mass✅️
Feel better, with less pain after workouts✅️
Be productive in the gym rather that spending hours in the gym with no progression✅️
Don’t waste your time in the gym.
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Personal Trainer in Portlaoise – JMC Elite Gym

If you are looking for an experienced personal trainer based in Portlaoise, you are in for a treat. JMC Elite Gym emphasises the importance of strength and the process of becoming stronger, both mentally and physically. If you want to improve your physic or learn martial arts, our gym offers different services such as personal training, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay-thai, aerobic classes, and many more. If you are a sports person with no access to a strength and conditioning coach that also suffers from consistent injuries, or maybe you are post-surgery and need to gain strength and movement capacity to return to work? If you find yourself falling into one or more categories similar to this, we guarantee you will get to where you need to be by joining our fitness gym. We can also provide nutritional advice or access a fully qualified dietitian that has experience with great athletes.

Strength Development

Increase a person’s maximal strength in the classic lifts, squat, bench press and deadlift

Body Weight Classes

 Gain more control over their movements and also gain some fitness in the process

Aerobic Classes

 Goes from one exercise into another with a specific aim to improve cardiovascular conditioning.

Personal training / Strength and Conditioning class

The process of our personal training program:

    1. The first session is a screening process where we score a person’s mobility, flexibility, and motor control. The baseline of fitness will be taken to ensure that cardiovascular fitness has been improved.
    2. Muscular Strength/Endurance is tested to gain a baseline to improve neuromuscular function.
    3. Speed and power can be measured on the first day depending on the “training age” of the client. This can be done with more advanced gym-goers or athletes.
    4. From there, a customized plan is made up depending on the first evaluation and the goals of the client.
training program
training program

Membership Class

This class is ideal for the person that really enjoys the social aspect of the gym and loves being around others while training. Classes held here will include bodyweight classes, strength development, power development, aerobic and core classes.

Martial arts class available at J.M.C Elite

All martial classes come under the “Martial arts class” membership. If you want to gain access to all martial arts classes at our gym, then the martial arts membership is for you. Full class membership means that you can also gain access to the strength and conditioning classes as well as your martial arts classes. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programme here will be overseen by one of the best black belts in Europe at the moment Kieran Davern. Kieran is a black belt under John Kavanagh of SBG Headquarters in Dublin. Kieran has also cornered and coached pro MMA fighters and BJJ competitors and competes on some of the biggest stages in grappling right now such as Polaris. Kieran is going to be overseeing the grading of BJJ here at our gym, so people have the opportunity to go as far as they like with BJJ in this facility.

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training program
training program

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