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I am opening 5 online coaching positions to experienced gym goers that want to improve explosive strength and maximal strength.
This would be ideal suited to people/athletes that have experience in the gym as far as lifting technique and know how to use gym machines but lack:
Guidance ✅️
Online coaching is a cheaper and more remote way of learning compared to in person training.
Stipulations for application:
Willing to learn✅️
Experienced in the main lifts, (squat, bench , deadlift) if you have videos of them even better.✅️
Enjoy the gym but feel you have hit a wall with progress✅️
Want to get stronger and put on muscle mass✅️
Feel better, with less pain after workouts✅️
Be productive in the gym rather that spending hours in the gym with no progression✅️
Don’t waste your time in the gym.
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Online Personal Trainer – John McCormack

If you’re on the lookout for a dedicated personal trainer, look no further! I’m here, John McCormack from JMC Elite, ready to guide you through a personalized online training experience. My focus is on helping you build both mental and physical strength to reach your fitness goals.

I specialise in online personal training, providing you with tailored workouts and support in the convenience of your own space. Whether you’re aiming to improve your physique, enhance mental resilience, or achieve specific fitness milestones, I’m committed to creating a program that suits your unique needs.

My expertise lies in delivering high-quality online personal training services. If you’re an athlete dealing with consistent injuries, post-surgery and in need of strength recovery, or simply someone looking to enhance overall fitness, I’m here for you.

Additionally, I can offer valuable nutritional advice and connect you with a qualified dietitian experienced in working with elite athletes. Let’s embark on this fitness journey together. Join me at for a transformative online personal training experience, and let’s work towards achieving your fitness objectives, no matter where you are.

Online Personal TRaining program

The process of my online personal training program:

    1. The first session is a screening process where we score a person’s mobility, flexibility, and motor control. The baseline of fitness will be taken to ensure that cardiovascular fitness has been improved.
    2. Muscular Strength/Endurance is tested to gain a baseline to improve neuromuscular function.
    3. Speed and power can be measured on the first day depending on the “training age” of the client. This can be done with more advanced gym-goers or athletes.
    4. From there, a customized plan is made up depending on the first evaluation and the goals of the client.
training program

Your Fitness Goals, Anytime, Anywhere in the World! Start Your Online Personal Training Now.

Embark on a fitness journey with me where you can pursue your fitness goals anytime, anywhere in the world!