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Featured Weight Loss Testimonial:

I first got in touch with John to ask for advice regarding weight loss as I had become frustrated at not seeing any results after a few months of trying to lose weight. After an initial consultation with John, he gave me nutritional advice and we scheduled a personal training session for the following week.

In seven months, I lost 30Kgs. Regarding the diet, beforehand, I was not eating in an informed manner and the meal plan actually meant I would be eating considerably more, but of the right foods to keep my diet balanced and varied. Once these adjustments were made, the weight began to disappear at a steady and sustainable rate. Beforehand I was struggling with energy, often falling asleep on the couch and not being in a good mood. The change in diet has also led to a drastic increase in my energy levels, along with my mood and confidence improving significantly.

I have found the training sessions to be something I really look forward to each week as well, always managing to keep the right balance of being fun, educational, and motivational. Since starting training with John, I have developed a keen interest in weightlifting and am seeing a steady and significant progression in that aspect as well. I enjoyed the training sessions so much that I joined the gym after a couple of months so I could train on my own more often. John encouraged me to do this and was happy to provide me with a fitness programme and update it regularly.

I always had the image in my head of personal training being a hard slog, with the trainer just shouting like a drill sergeant, but was completely wrong. John will go through any exercise in detail, explaining the science and theory behind each one, then is always observing to ensure it is carried out with correct form and safely. It is also a great help that he is very approachable, encouraging me to ring or text him if I need any help or advice with anything.

A few years before meeting John I did manage to lose approximately 25Kgs on my own, but whilst I was doing it that way, I did not feel very good, lacking in energy and always hungry. Since I started training with John, I have come to realise that it is not just about losing weight, but about having balance in your lifestyle that will ultimately lead you to achieving your goals. For me, the thing that was lacking was a guidance such as that provided by John.

Colin, Horticulturist

“I have been training with John for over a year now and as someone who suffers with chronic illness and bilateral hip dysplasia, I was apprehensive about starting with a personal trainer however, John’s knowledge, expertise, attitude to injury and ability to promptly change a session to suit my needs has been fantastic. I have gone from not being able to walk without pain to smashing personal bests through John’s guidance and strength and conditioning program. I would highly recommend John especially for someone trying to overcome illness or injury in a safe environment with some light-hearted banter”.


Claims Assessor

“Training with John gave me the confidence in performing different exercises in the proper form and range. His facility has everything you need to excel in every way possible. The equipment used through our sessions is top class and he never fails to disappoint. Johns Knowledge on strength and conditioning is top notch and his advice on the tailored programmes given by himself are excellent. The programmes really do make a difference in your abilities across the board in GAA and other sports. From start to finish John will make you a better player and ultimately a better version of yourself”


Portlaoise Footballer

I first got to know John through college in LIT where we both studied BSc in Sports Strength and Conditioning. In 2019 I accepted the role of Juvenile Athletic Development Coach with Gort GAA. Once I accepted the offer, I contacted John to try get his expertise on board as part of the program. Thankfully, John was willing to commit to this for the full season and his attention to detail, quality of coaching, delivery of program and interaction with both the athletes and management was of the highest standard. His ability to put the science into practice and individualise a program across the various age groups was excellent. The results shown across the difference tests performed on athletes speak for themselves. I could not recommend John as a coach highly enough.

Éanna Shalvey

S&C, Galway GAA

“Training under John at J.M.C Elite has been a great experience. When I started out originally, I wasn’t aware of how many areas strength and conditioning actually covered, but its safe to say working with John has improved both my knowledge of strength and conditioning and most importantly my ability on and off the field for my specific sport which is Gaelic football. At the start of my journey, I would have been unsure of certain exercises and how to perform them, but with the help of John, I can safely say we have covered a broad range of exercises in depth and tailored them for what suits my body best. The knowledge John possesses of strength and conditioning is second to none, and he knows exactly whats needed to excel in that area. We generally run specific programmes all year round tailored to football and at the end of each block of training I always find myself improving. I have realised just how beneficial strength and conditioning actually is, but more importantly how beneficial it is for myself coming from a footballing background. If you want to excel in whatever area it may be, I would highly recommend visiting John at J.M.C Elite, a really top class facility”


Portlaoise Footballer

“ I ruptured my ACL ligament in September of 2016 playing GAA and had the operation carried out on my knee that November at the Santry Sports Clinic in Dublin. I had decided that I wanted to get back playing as soon as possible which for ACL rehabilitation is a minimum of 9 months post the operation.

I decided to get in touch with John in January 2017 to ask for advice regarding recovering from an ACL knee operation.

From then on, we completed weekly sessions focusing my rehabilitation. From building up strength in the muscles surrounding both knees, to learning correct jumping technics to improving my running technic, I had to correct numerous issues to reduce my chances of reinjury or injuring my opposite knee on my return to playing. I found the training sessions to be something I really look forward to each week as well, always managing to keep the right balance of being fun, educational, and motivational. John will go through any exercise in detail, explaining the science and theory behind each one, then is always observing to ensure it is carried out with correct form.

In August of 2017, 9 months after my operation, I was cleared fit to return to play by the Santry Sports Clinic having passed strength and mobility tests. I returned to full sporting activities 12 months post operation over and am feeling better than ever. Towards the end of my rehabilitation, I decided to continue on with the sessions with John in an aim to improve my overall fitness. Definitely without John’s help I would not have been able to return to play sport in the time frame I did and the in condition I was in! ”



“I have been training with John now for over a year and his knowledge and professionalism is second to none. All training is tailored to each individual, and he really listens to his clients and what they feel are the goals they want to achieve. I couldn’t recommend him enough”



“I was really nervous about approaching a personal trainer and joining a gym as my gym knowledge was very poor I did not even know what a dumbbell was. I have spent many years trying out different gyms and classes, getting mixed results and getting frustrated at lack of progress, motivation or not being able to do the exercises I was given which made me give up even more but John knows his stuff! When I joined and told him I did not know what this was, or I couldn’t do that the first thing he done was screen me and straight away I had answers to why I could not do certain things due to weakness areas or injuries and we built on these until I was able to start a training program. John made me confident and eager to come back every week he knows when to be nice and when to kick ass and I love seeing the results with my mind and body. If you are afraid to face a trainer all I can tell you is John never makes you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t be there his knowledge and passion for fitness and training together with the laughs make it seem like a social hobby rather than a gruelling workout!”.


Legal Secretary

“John was a student in Limerick Institute of Technology studying Sports Strength & Conditioning for four years, graduating in 2020. John was an excellent student; his wide range of knowledge of all things S&C and coaching was clear from the beginning. John always showed a big interest in learning and becoming a better coach”.

Donnacha Mulcahy

Lecturer LIT

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