Compliance and Guidelines

Here at J.M.C.Elite we will try our best to comply with latest guidelines regarding Covid. There will be plenty of hand sanitising products placed around
the gym and all equipment is to be wiped down after use. The staff will make it their business to make sure everything is wiped down on a regular basis every day. Once you arrive in the gym you will be asked to sanitise your hands and on leaving, sanitise equipment and hands again. If you are afraid of contacting covid please do not sign up to any classes or personal training packages. If you are experiencing any covid related symptoms or have been around someone that is, please let the staff know and keep away from the gym until
told to return by a doctor. When attending the gym please bring your own water and towel. Please stay outside the gym and wait for your class to start to avoid traffic inside the gym. Also, please do not hang around inside the gym after your class.