Personal Trainer

Are you sick of not having a plan?

The biggest issue I see in the fitness industry is that people try to wing it. People try to structure their training and reach their goals by following a workout from the back of a magazine, but this is not structured or tailored for you. Is that a good work out to do? Yes, they are but its one workout that needs to tie in with many others to reach your goal.

You wouldn’t build your house from the back of a magazine, so don’t think you will build your body from one either.

Consistently walking into a gym wondering what to do, what machine to go on, how long to spend on it……. the reps……the sets, it can all get too much.

Leave that stuff up to me and worry about just putting a side 2 to 3 hours a week to train………. I’ll do the rest. Remember, it is “training” not “working out”. Working out is them random workouts you see from the latest influencer on you tube or the exercises in the back of fitness magazines, training is about progress and numbers which leads to success and ultimately the way you want to look and feel.

A Process That Works – Online Personal Training

No longer will you have to wonder what you are doing or why you are doing these random workouts. With me, everything and I mean everything is covered. I do all the background work you just have to show up.

I guarantee you, if you follow my structured plans and do everything that is needed of you, you will reach your goal. I have had hundreds of clients reach many goals such as putting on some extra muscle, losing weight, prepping for weddings, gaining strength, and improving overall wellness and health.

Structured plans and accountability are vital in attaining those small goals that lead to the bigger goal and ultimately success.

Are You Ready to Commit?

Online Personal training here at J.M.C Elite involves going through a 12-week block to start. We set a goal and plan the road ahead for you to reach that goal.

The first session is a screening process where we screen the client both mentally and physically to gain more information to make the process successful.

The programme that is provided is based on the your goals and the results of the screening process. From there its all dialling in the process and most importantly having fun along the way.

Everybody’s goals, situations and body types are all different, that’s why an initial screening is vital to start with, so everything is tailored for you, the client.

To go over the finer details of times and pricing of my elite programme, feel free to book a call with me now.

What’s Included

Interview and screening

Plan and structured goal setting. (Where you should be at certain time frame of the year)

Accountability. (Check ins, feedback, and coaching)

Measurements and re screening. (Finding out where we have come to in a plan and moving onto a different phase)

Support through support groups and check ins

Education through programming and knowing what to do and when. Education is key during the process so that you learn to make the lifestyle changes and add the things you like so you don’t go backwards.