📈 General Physical Prepardness (GPP)📈WHAT IS IT?GPP is the preparation the body goes through for more specific work💪








These are vital to progress onto more sport specific movements down the line.If you are struggling with recovery from workouts, it may mean your GPP is not where it should be and you need to increase your volume in all the movements listed above.🤷‍♂️Take your time with GPP. The more you handle in the gym the more work you MUST do. 👍

Build it up slowly as training age increases🤗.

Monitor load is vital. 🔑

One of the best ways to bring up your GPP is a mixture of different types of sled dragging. These are a must here at JMC Elite. They are either put in as a workout, warm up or conditioning at the end of workouts.Here two clients is dragging a sled for a round trip of 110m for 20 minutes. Backwards and forwards💪The other clients is doing 20m sprints with a 15kg sled.

Most if not all muscle actions on a sled are concentric and therefore cause little if any muscle damage (depending on your GPP). That’s why they are amazing for building volume, can be done anytime, and don’t take up huge amounts of space. When walking or running with a sled it also teaches you to consistently accelerate but when running with a sled, don’t go heavy, or you WILL slow down.For runners, sprinting with a sled is one of the best ways to break through the speed barrier.