Some people ask me what is the biggest issues i see with people with regard gym work and the most common reply is always that it is very common for people to have a gym membership and not know any thing, see no result and completely waste your time.

Some people decide to wing it and follow random exercises out of magazines. Although this might give you a good workout it is definitely not training.

❗You wouldn’t build your house from a magazine and wing it so don’t do it with your body❗

Another obstacle to people reaching goals is sometimes themselves. Some people want to loose weight or gain strength or put on weight but can’t actually believe in themselves enough to see it through.❗

Not willing to make the changes needed to get there or listen to the knowledge that is given is going to get you no where.

When you want to see progress in the gym stick to the basics:
Great attitute✅
Work ethic ✅
Patience ✅

Here Rory, the intern at the gym lifts an impressive 250kg for a 3RM.

If you want to work with me and get real results while enjoying life and learning the principles to improve your lifestyle then, drop me a DM with the word “strength”. We can book a phone call and discuss the details.

These transformations are very common in my gym.

I am taking on 5 males or females online and 5 males or females in person with an aim to:

Improve strength📈
Improve power output📈
Improve body composition📈
Improve quality of life📈

Get started now📢

Only apply if you are:
Hard working✅
Willing to learn✅
Willing to impliment✅
Not full of excuses✅

I don’t want dreamers I want go getters.

This is a massively comprehensive programme. I have taken years to perfect📈

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